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     The Women’s Health and Family Planning Association of Texas (WHFPT) was founded in 1977 by a group of individuals who believed that Texans, regardless of financial or insurance status, deserved equal access to high quality reproductive healthcare and control over the timing and spacing of their children.


      In early 2013, WHFPT became the sole Title X grantee for the state of Texas. Title X is the only federally funded program dedicated solely to providing reproductive healthcare to low income and uninsured women, men, and adolescents. As the Texas grantee, WHFPT is responsible for distributing Title X funds to clinics throughout the state as well as program evaluation, quality assurance, grants management, and providing training and technical assistance.

     WHFPT has a 12-member Board of Trustees and 8 full-time staff members. WHFPT is engaged in a number of partnerships with other nonprofit organizations and receives funding from one funding source, including a small amount of corporate and individual funders. The organization is responsible for quality, cost, accessibility, reporting, and performance of the grant-funded activities provided by its sub-recipients.

WHFPT’s programmatic efforts and staffing structure fall into five categories:

  • Quality Assurance Program.  This program assures sub-recipient compliance with the standards, requirements, and policies of WHFPT’s Title X Project and in alignment with the Quality Family Planning (QFP) recommendations. Quality Assurance is accomplished through a combination of Site Visits and Self-Audit Tool.

  • Research and Evaluation.  This program maintains a robust data collection and reporting system and improves data quality, monitors performance benchmarks, and evaluates WHFPT initiatives.

  • Program Management.  The program managers provide technical assistance troubleshooting programmatic challenges identifying/providing training to sub-recipients.  Program Managers gain firsthand knowledge of how sub-recipients administer the Title X Project. 

  • Financial Controls & Governance.  This program assesses compliance in budgetary controls, accounting system adequacy, revenue and billing procedures, and contract compliance.

  • Network of Clinics.  In fiscal year 2016-2017, WHFPT's provider network included 28 agencies and over 100 service sites.

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