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WHFPT is committed to providing benefits that are competitive with for-profit as well as non-profit organizations in the state of Texas. We offer a variety of program choices, in the areas of health and wellness, flexible spending, retirement investment and employee assistance and staff development. 

Health and Wellness
WHFPT offers health insurance through a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). WHFPT also offers a dental care and vision plans. 

WHFPT offers an employee funded Savings Incentive Match Plan to all employees as pre-tax contribution.  WHFPT matches your contribution up to 3%

Flexible Spending Accounts Pre-tax Programs
With this Plan, employees can set aside pre-tax dollars in Flexible Spending accounts, for non-reimbursed medical expenses and for dependent care.

Career Development
It is our goal to provide encouragement, assistance and opportunities for development of employees professionally.

Additional benefit opportunities include....

Time to Recharge (PTO)
WHFPT believes that employees need time away from work for rest and relaxation, WHFPT provides its employees with a generous paid time off benefits, including vacation, holidays, sick time and float days.

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